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Welcome to 8 Degree Pedal, your destination for premium cycling products designed to enhance your riding experience. We are passionate about cycling and committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower riders of all levels to enjoy the sport to the fullest.

At 8 Degree Pedal, we believe that the difference between an ordinary ride and an extraordinary one, lies in the details. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to creating state-of-the-art pedal systems that offer superior comfort, control, and performance. Our journey is rooted in a deep appreciation for the art of cycling, and we're driven by a desire to make every pedal stroke more enjoyable and efficient.

Mountain Biking

Our Story

Founded by a team of avid cyclists with a shared love for the open road and challenging trails, 8 Degree Pedal was born out of a vision to revolutionize the way riders interact with their bikes. We've been in your shoes, pushing the boundaries of endurance, speed, and precision. It's this first-hand experience that drives us to craft products that meet the diverse needs of cyclists worldwide.

Quality and Innovation

At the heart of our brand is a relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. Our pedal systems are meticulously designed, thoroughly tested, and built with the finest materials to ensure they meet the high standards of performance and durability. We take pride in every aspect of our product development, from engineering to manufacturing, and we're committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in cycling technology.

A World of Benefits

We understand that every rider is unique, and we take pride in offering products that cater to a variety of needs. Our self-centering floating pedals are at the forefront of our product range, providing benefits that include reduced strain and enhanced comfort, reduced pressure points, improved pedal efficiency, adaptation to individual biomechanics, easy entry and exit, reduced risk of injuries, and versatility for multi-discipline riders.

Road Bike Clipless Pedals

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support, ensuring that your experience with 8 Degree Pedal is second to none. We value your feedback and actively seek to improve our products and services based on your input.

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We invite you to join our community of passionate cyclists who understand the importance of performance, comfort, and innovation. Whether you're a casual rider or a competitive athlete, 8 Degree Pedal is your partner on the road, trail, or track.

Thank you for choosing 8 Degree Pedal. We look forward to being a part of your cycling journey and helping you elevate your ride to the next level. Explore our product range, find your perfect fit, and experience the difference that 8 Degree Pedal can make in your cycling adventures.

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