What's special about 8 Degree Floating pedals?

Our revolutionary, breakthrough technology pedals are the first ever flat floating pedals that Provides self-float compensation by using internal spring-loaded mechanism with self-centering design.

This float system is designed to help maintain normal foot, knee and ankle alignment that is known for reduce Knee strain and improves efficiency and comfort while pedaling.

Why is pedal float important?

By maintaining natural alignment, it reduces strain on joints, minimizes discomfort and promotes a natural pedal stroke.

What pedal types do you provide?

Our range to date includes flat pedal for mountain bike pedals. However, this model also works on all other bikes and riding styles.

More models are currently in design process.

Do I need special shoes for 8 Degree Floating pedals?

No, they work best with standard flat rubber sole cycling shoes

What about recumbent bikes, will these work for that too?

Yes, our pedals provide the same benefits to those with specialty, non-traditional bikes.

How fast do you deliver the orders?

Orders are typically processed and shipped within 2-5 business days.

Are your pedals suitable for various cycling disciplines?

Yes, they're versatile and fit for road biking, mountain biking, Cruisers, and more.

How do 8 degree Floating pedals reduce injury risk?

They allow natural foot movement, reducing the impact of rigid pedal stroke positions.

Any maintenance tips for 8 degree Floating pedals?

Regular cleaning and, for some models, lubrication. Refer to the manual for specifics.


Our pedals have been engineered and designed internally to be extremely durable and extremely low maintenance.

  • Springs-  Our springs are designed to have a minimum of 1 million cycles but as we have designed, 1 million cycles Is a low estimate.
  • Spring plungers-  Have shown little to no ware in 1 million cycle tests.
  • Sliding Puck-  This puck is the key to our design;  it is one of the hardest and anti-friction components availble.  It also has shown little to no ware in 1 million cycle tests under heavy load. The puck slides back and forth In between two thin hard stainless plates without lubrication on the surfaces as designed.
  • Spherical bearing-  Our bearing is custom, Teflon coated bearing has shown little to no ware in 1 million cycle tests.
  • 2 Sleeve axle bearings-  Pedal has been designed with the best, lowest friction plastic sleeve bearings designed for longest life.   These same bearing are found in the many of the other highest quality pedals

On the market.

  • Seals- Our pedal has 4 seals to help prevent dirt and moisture from entering the internal mechanism.  1 plate seal, 2 oring seals for spring plungers and one shaft seal.  These seals are extremely effective, however like any other pedal
  • Depending on riding conditions and hours on pedals more frequent maintenance could be advised.